Good Pizza, Great Pizza

This is a great app, “Good Pizza, Great Pizza”. So what is that? Simply Good Pizza Great Pizza is a cooking application. So for anyone who loves cooking, this makes it more fun. You can easily install this app on your smartphone and then you can play this game anytime in any place. To download the application, follow the attached link here. It takes you to the official website. And then you can freely download the latest Good Pizza Great Pizza APK version to your smart Android device as well as for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. 

This is a cool game. Rather than other mobile games, this gives you more peace while playing it. It is because here you have to only make pizza and sell it. Not to fight, kill, or such things. So this can be 100% recommended for kids as well. 

What is Good Pizza Great Pizza?

Good Pizza Great Pizza

As above mentioned, Good Pizza Great Pizza is a well-known cooking game. Here the only task is, that players have to make pizza for customers. Players can take orders from customers make pizza and earn money. More orders and make more money. To make success your business, you have to successfully make pizza, fast and correctly.  

During the day, you may have to work with several types of customers. They will visit your shop and give orders for certain kinds of pizza. At the beginning of the process, you have to play at a simple level. Here you have only made a simple pizza by adding simple ingredients.  For example, pizza with cheese, pepperoni, tomato, etc. After you make pizza, you have to cut it and serve it to customers. This is the process, after earning money and moving to the next levels of customer requirements getting harder, and you may have to make several types of pizza with advanced toppings. 

At the end of the day, you have to do calculations. Here as necessary, you have to think about the business you do throughout the day, your earnings, the money you spend on rent, buying ingredients, etc. Here you have to make sure that, the money you earn from selling pizza is enough for everything to cover up bills. To make more money you have to make more pizza, take more orders, as well as you have to earn more customers. Here you have to make pizza so fast. 

Good Pizza Great Pizza is simple and fun. The app uses simple graphics that are really interesting and there are charming cartoons.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza
January 08, 2024
220.7 MB
Requires Android 9 and iOS 13.0 or later.


Good Pizza Great Pizza Gaming Highlights 

  • Introducing Pizza News Network (PNN), the inaugural news program dedicated to all matters related to pizza.
  • Here you will meet more than 100 customers with unique pizza orders as well as different personalities.
  • Pizza toppings can include sausage, pepperoni, onions, and more.
  • Equipment upgrades as a must. This will assist you in becoming the master of making pizza
  • Fun and challenging cooking competition and it is simple
  • The app was created by pizza-making professionals. This game artist has been a pizza maker for four years.

How to Play Good Pizza Great Pizza?

  1. Order Taking: Customers will come into your pizzeria and place orders. They’ll specify the type of pizza they want, any toppings or special instructions, and how well done they want it. Your job is to accurately take down these orders.
  2. Pizza Making: Once you have an order, you’ll move to the pizza-making station. Follow the customer’s instructions to add the correct sauce, cheese, and toppings. You might need to spread sauces, sprinkle cheese, and drag and drop various ingredients onto the pizza crust.
  3. Baking: Once you’ve prepared the pizza, it should be placed in the oven. It is important to consider the desired level of doneness as requested by the customer. You must be attentive and remove the pizza from the oven at the appropriate moment to prevent it from getting burnt.
  4. After the pizza is baked, you will go to the area where you will cut it. Use your finger to divide the pizza into the desired amount of slices. Finally, give the pizza to the customer.
  5. When you deliver the pizza, you will be paid by the customer. The amount of money you make will be determined by how accurately you follow the customer’s directions and how pleased they are with the pizza.
  6. Financial Management: Utilize your earned income to purchase ingredients, enhance your pizzeria, and cover the rental costs. It is important to maintain a proper equilibrium between your expenses and earnings in order to ensure the seamless operation of your pizzeria.
  7. Advancing in the Game: While you continue playing, you will gain access to additional toppings, recipes, and equipment. Additionally, you may come across diverse challenges, seasonal events, and customers with varying personalities.

Good Pizza Great Pizza Download

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Now you can directly download Good Pizza Great Pizza to your smart Android by following simple instructions. Here you can use the app download link that we attached here. By following the link you can get direct access to the HappyMod iOS website. After that, you can easily and freely download Good Pizza Great Pizza to your smart Android device. Let’s see the app download process. 

  1. As the beginning step, you have to tap on the above link. It takes you to the official HappyMod website. There you can see the Good Pizza Great Pizza apk file. Tap on it. Then you can easily download the Good Pizza Great Pizza apk file in seconds. The downloaded file will be saved in your device download folder. 
  2. As the second step, you have to enable your device’s unknown sources option. This is a must. For that open your device settings> Tap on the security section > then enable the unknown sources option. 
  3. After that, you have to open the device download folder. Tap on the previously downloaded Good Pizza Great Pizza apk file. Tap on install. To complete the app installation it will take several seconds. 

At the end of the process, you can see the app icon on your device’s home screen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is “Good Pizza Great Pizza”?

“Good Pizza, Great Pizza” is a cooking app, which means you have to make pizzas and sell them to customers and then you can make money. In the game, your goal should be to make tasty pizzas and sell them. 

02. How do I play the game?

In this game, customers will enter and request particular kinds of pizzas. You must choose the appropriate ingredients and toppings to fulfill their orders. Subsequently, you slice the pizza and offer it to them. Additionally, you are responsible for handling costs such as rent and ingredients.

03. Is the game challenging?

When you advance in the game, it is possible for it to become more difficult. Initially, the tasks may be straightforward, but they can become more intricate as you gain access to additional ingredients and toppings. It may require some skill to efficiently handle your finances and ensure customer satisfaction.

04. Can I customize my pizza shop?

Yes, you can customize your shop by buying more tables and upgrading your kitchen equipment. These upgrades can help you serve more customers and make better pizzas.

05. Can I play “Good Pizza Great Pizza” on different devices?

The game can be accessed on different platforms including mobile devices such as iOS and Android, and occasionally on computer platforms like Windows and Mac. It can be obtained by downloading it from either app stores or game distribution platforms.

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