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Monster Hunter Now is now available in September 2023. The new game version is available on mobile via iOS and Android devices. To download the application now you can use the link attached here. The link allows you to download Monster Hunter Now from HappyMod’s official website. The overall process is freely available, and here you have to follow only simple instructions.

Monster Hunter Now is an interesting mobile game that is a story based on dragons/ monsters. This is an adventure game with super duper facilities. Are you excited to download Monster Hunter Now? Then follow the app download link attached here. It takes you to the official website, and then you can freely continue the app installation. 

About Monster Hunter Now

monster hunter now

When concerned about the previous series of the Monster Hunter Now, this new version also comes with similarities. You can easily search for gaming features such as monsters and then track down them. 

But, this game is different from each of the older ones. First, let’s talk about how you move around in the game.

From previous versions of Monster Hunter games, all the players can easily travel to the gaming location of the monster and then you can easily search for it before battling. However, here you can find more interactive gameplay that is similar to Pokemon Go, players will need to explore the real world outside and search for monsters. In the player’s map, those types of creatures will appear. Not only that, players must physically approach them to identify the battle. Gamers can select options to fight these monsters alone or team up with up to three other hunters nearby.

Monster Hunter Now
January 08, 2024
208.4 MB
Niantic, Inc.
Requires Android 13 and iOS 14.0 or later.


After entering into the gaming battle, the player will be given a time limit of 75 seconds to defeat the monster. The game controls are designed to use the touch screen of the phone. By tapping and holding the screen, the player can initiate an attack, whereas swiping the screen will allow the player to dodge towards the swiped direction. Once the monster is successfully defeated, all participating hunters will be rewarded with money and materials.

Gamers have the option to use these resources in order to construct fresh weaponry and protective gear for their hunter character. Various types of armor possess distinct visual styles, defensive capabilities, and special abilities. Furthermore, players can enhance the defensive attributes of their armor by upgrading it, and they have the flexibility to mix and match different pieces of armor to acquire desired abilities.

In weapons, there you can find six weapon types. Those are, 
  • Great Sword
  • Sword and Shield
  • Long Sword
  • Hammer
  • Bow
  • Light Bowgun

More About Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now is developed by Capcom and Niantic. It means the game has developed popular developers who developed Pokémon GO. The gameplay is similar and here as in the Pokémon GO game, you have to walk through the real world to find monsters. Then you have to fight with them, collect things, and finish missions.

It offers players the best opportunity to easily fight against 13 different monsters.

Select Multiple Weapons

Game Availability: It is available in several countries such as Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, and Sweden can get the game from Google Play.

Pre-Registration for Others: Other users who do not get the gaming compatibility also can sign up on the game’s website before it’s officially released. Doing this will get you special rewards when it’s ready to play.

Features of Monster Hunter Now

  • Hunting Monsters: The central gameplay element involves hunting and battling a wide variety of massive and challenging monsters. Each monster has its unique behavior, abilities, and attack patterns, making every encounter a strategic battle.
  • Weapon Variety: Players can choose from a multiple range of weapon types that are useful for their own playstyle and mechanics. Weapon types include swords, bows, hammers, gunlances, and more, allowing players to find a style that suits their preferences.
  • Armor and Equipment Crafting: Materials obtained from defeated monsters and gathered in the game world are used to craft weapons and armor. Customizing your gear is essential for tackling more powerful monsters and maximizing your effectiveness in battles.
  • Solo and Multiplayer Modes: “Monster Hunter Now” games typically offer single-player and multiplayer modes. You can team up with other players in cooperative multiplayer hunts, which often require coordination and teamwork.
  • Hub Areas: The game world is divided into hub areas where players can interact with NPCs, accept quests, access their storage, forge equipment, and prepare for hunts. The hub area is a central hub for players to gather and socialize.
  • Quest System: Players take on various quests, including story-driven missions and optional hunts. Completing quests earns rewards, and progression, and unlocks new content.
  • Environmental Interactions: The environment plays a significant role in hunts. Players can use traps, terrain, and environmental hazards to their advantage when battling monsters.
  • Item Management: Managing items and resources is crucial. Players carry consumables, crafting materials, and other items to aid in hunts. Inventory management and preparation are key to success.
  • Character Progression: As you progress through the game, your character gains experience, unlocks new abilities, and becomes more proficient in combat. This progression often includes skill trees and character customization.
  • Regular Updates and Events: Many “Monster Hunter” games receive post-launch support in the form of updates, events, and downloadable content (DLC). These updates often introduce new monsters, quests, gear, and collaborations with other franchises.

monster hunter now apk download

Download Monster Hunter Now

Are you ready to download the Monster Hunter Now APK version? Then you can follow the app download link here. It takes you to the our HappyMod iOS official website. And then you can freely download the new Monster Hunter Now version. For that follow the below instructions.

  1. Step01. Download the Monster Hunter Now apk file. For that, you can use the app download link here. It takes you to the official website. Then you can freely download the latest app version. 
  2. Step02. Afer that, you have to enable your device’s unknown sources option. For that, open device settings > Security settings > Then enable unknown sources option
  3. Step03. Now you can start the app installation. 

Download Now 

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Monster Hunter?

“Monster Hunter” is a popular video game. This belongs to the adventure category. This is an Android-based mobile game. Now you can play it after installing it on your smart Android device. The game was developed by Capcom. 

02. How do I select the right weapon type for me in Monster Hunter?

Players often seek guidance on which weapon type suits their playstyle and preferences.

03. How do I defeat [specific monster name]?

Players may ask for tips and strategies on how to beat challenging monsters in the game.

04. What are the best armor sets in Monster Hunter?
  • Match Skills to Your Playstyle
  • Consider Elemental and Status Resistance
  • Mix and Match
  • High-Rank and G-Rank Armo
  • Consider Set Bonuses
  • Augmentations and Decorations
  • Community and Online Resources
  • Experiment
05. How does multiplayer work in Monster Hunter games?

Multiplayer is a significant aspect of the series, and players often have questions about how to join or create multiplayer sessions.

06. What are the crafting materials for [specific item or weapon]?

Crafting is essential, and players seek information on where to find specific materials.

07. Are there any upcoming updates or events in Monster Hunter?

Players may want to know about upcoming content, collaborations, or events.

08. Can I play Monster Hunter on [specific gaming platform]?

Gamers often inquire about the availability of Monster Hunter titles on various platforms.

09. Is there a story mode in Monster Hunter?

Some players are curious about the narrative aspects of the game.

10. What are some essential tips for beginners in Monster Hunter?

Newcomers often seek advice on getting started and progressing effectively in the game.

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