In the Android app gallery, you can find another interesting mobile application you should try. This is not only an Android application. You can also use SnapSpy for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. If you want to download this excellent application, follow the link here. It takes you to the official website, and you can download the latest SnapSpy application to your mobile in seconds. 

What is SnapSpy?


Snapspy App for iPhone and Android is a remarkable application designed to assist you in monitoring the Snapchat activities of your children and employees. This user-friendly App empowers you to supervise Snapchat photos by capturing screenshots and finding out about Snapchat messages by logging keystrokes. Not just limited to Snapchat, this multipurpose App goes the extra mile by recording various other forms of digital communication, ensuring comprehensive supervision.

One of its key features includes recording SMS messages and informing you about the target device’s text conversations. Additionally, the Snapspy App captures call logs and even records phone conversations, providing valuable insights into who your target is communicating with and what is being said.

More About SnapSpy

Furthermore, this important App lets you in on the device’s surroundings, allowing you to stay updated about the environment in which your child or employee is situated. You can pinpoint their exact location by accessing GPS locations, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Geo-fencing, another highlighting feature, enables you to set up virtual boundaries, alerting you whenever the target device enters or exits specific geographical areas. This adds an extra layer of security, especially for your children, ensuring they stay within safe zones.

SnapSpy App
January 08, 2024
26.01 MB
Snap Launch Technology Limited
Requires Android 8 and iOS 12 or later.


Reasons to Use the SnapSpy App

Snapspy App extends its spying to the digital realm by monitoring websites visited and maintaining a history of the device’s clipboard. This means you can keep an eye on the online activities of your children or employees, ensuring they are engaging with appropriate content.

Moreover, the App thoroughly goes through social media, capturing chat messages from popular platforms like Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, and imo. This app monitoring ensures you are well informed about their social interactions, allowing you to step in if necessary.

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, the App offers a unique feature that allows you to establish specific time limits for using Snapchat and other applications. By setting rules, you can balance your child’s or employee’s screen time, preventing excessive use and promoting healthier online habits.

Snap spy App for iPhone and Android is not just a tool; it’s your digital friend. It lets you know about your loved ones and employees’ digital lives. 

Its wide array of features ensures that you comprehensively understand its online activities. This allows you to take care of and responsibility for the digital environment safely.

Download SnapSpy App

In seconds, you can easily download the newly updated Snap Spy App to your smart Android device. For that, you have to follow only simple instructions. Here, you can get the application from our official HappyMod website. To visit HappyMod, you can use the app download link here. After that, you can continue the process. 

Here, you can follow below simple instructions. 

  1. Step01. In the beginning, you have to tap on the link here. Then, you can visit the official website. After that, you have to search for SnapSpy. Then tap on the download SnapSpy button.
  2. Step02. Now, the app download process begins. Here, it will take only several seconds. The download file will be saved in your device download folder. 
  3. Srep03. Now, you have to enable your device’s unknown sources options. For that, open device settings> security settings > then enable unknown sources. 
  4. Step04. Now, you can start the app installation process. This will take only several seconds. 

Download Now 

You can see the app icon on your device’s home screen at the end of the process. 

SnapSpy ios

Frequently Asked Questions

01: What is SnapSpy?

This is known as a specialized application that was designed for Android and iOS devices. This App allows users to easily and quickly monitor and control the Snapchat activities of their children and employees.

This lets you watch Snapchat messages, videos, photos, and more, ensuring online safety and security.

02: What can I do with SnapSpy?

With Snap Spy, you can track Snapchat photos by capturing screenshots, spy on Snapchat messages by logging keystrokes, and even record SMS, call logs, call recordings, surroundings, GPS locations, Geo-fencing, website history, and social chat messages from various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, and more. Additionally, SnapSpy allows you to limit the usage of Snapchat and other apps with specific time limit rules.

03: Who can benefit from SnapSpy?

Serves as an excellent tool for both parents and employers. Parents can use it for parental control, ensuring their children’s safety online by monitoring their Snapchat activities, blocking unwanted contacts, and limiting screen time. Employers can improve productivity by tracking employees’ chat messages, GPS locations, and Geo-fencing, preventing inappropriate behavior and safeguarding company information.

04: How does Snap Spy help with parental control?

The App allows parents to easily monitor their children’s Snapchat messages, snaps, and other related activities. Not only that, it will enable parents to easily block unwanted contacts, easily capture screenshots of doubtful activities, and you can set specific time limits on related app usage. By doing this, parents can easily protect their children from cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other online threats.

05: Can SnapSpy monitor Snapchat voice and video calls?

Yes, the App comes with several options. It features features to record all voice and video calls to a target device. It also provides detailed information about the call you received, including the name, phone number, and profile picture. 

This fantastic App allows users to quickly download and save voice or other related video files for later review.

06: How do I use Snap Spy?

Using SnapSpy is a simple four-step process:

  1. Sign Up: Start by signing up for a free trial of SnapSpy on their official website.
  2. Log In to the Cloud Panel: After signing up, log in to the Cloud Panel to download SnapSpy on the target Android phone or set up the no-jailbreak version for iPhone/iPad.
  3. Install SnapSpy online and register it using your license key.
  4. Start Spying: Once installed, you can use the App to monitor the target device discreetly.
07: Is Snap Spy available for both iPhone and Android devices?

Yes, This is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, providing comprehensive monitoring solutions for users of different platforms.

08: Can SnapSpy be used remotely?

Yes, Snap Spy offers remote monitoring capabilities. When you install it on the target device, users can easily access the monitored data wisely and remotely through their online account on the website.

09: Can SnapSpy help prevent cyberbullying and online threats?

Absolutely yes. The App allows parents to protect their children from cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other online risks using the tools needed. Here, it monitors Snapchat activities and limits screen time, and parents can create a safer online environment for their kids.

10: Is SnapSpy legal to use?

It’s important to note the legality side of using monitoring apps like SnapSpy. The App’s legality changes according to the legal authorities in your country. It is essential to follow the app-related laws and regulations of the country or your region when using these applications. You must always ensure proper authorization before monitoring someone’s device.

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