Because of the massive development of technology, you will be able to get many more facilities. When concerned about mobile technology, instead of the default application stores, now you can freely download mobile apps which are known as third-party apps. There you can find thousands of mobile apps for several functions. Today I’m going to introduce you to another interesting mobile application. That is, “SugarSync”.  

You can easily download the SugarSync application from our official website for free. For that tap on the app download link that we attached here. It takes you to the official website and then you can freely download the SugarSync application in seconds. 

What is SugarSync?


This is known as a cloud service application that helps your stuff move between your computer, phone, and other gadgets. It keeps copies of your important things safe and lets you use them everywhere. It works on different types of devices, such as phones, computers, and tablets. However, it doesn’t work on Linux computers very well.

Imagine SugarSync as a clever helper that watches your files and keeps them in the same order on different devices. When you change, add, or remove a file, it quickly updates itself on its own. All your gadgets also talk to this helper, so they all know the same stuff.

If you accidentally remove something, SugarSync keeps a secret place for it called “Deleted Files.” But if you put SugarSync on a gadget that suddenly can’t work anymore, like a computer that breaks, SugarSync thinks you want to throw everything away and it deletes your stuff from its secret place too. So, it’s safer to keep SugarSync on your main computer.

When you delete things yourself, SugarSync doesn’t really throw them away right away. It waits for you to say “bye-bye” officially. But if you delete lots of folders inside other folders, it might be a bit hard to bring them back.

January 08, 2024
34.3 MB
SugarSync, Inc.
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.


More About SugarSync

At first, SugarSync gave people 5 gigabytes (GB) of space for free to keep their things. And there also had other plans where users paid for more space. But after 2014, the app developer decided to continue this as a paid version. So now everybody has to pay for it now.  

In this new app version, there you can find several rules. You will get several discounts for a short period of time and it reminds you of payments such as  “Don’t forget to keep paying.” think that you forgot to pay, then the account will not deactivate, it accepts late payments as well. This does not support credit card payments. With time if your payment method not working it will close the account and automatically remove data from PCs. 

If the app developers send you emails to remind you about the Payment, and you didn’t care about them or didn’t see them, the app will delete everything you have stored with them. After that, they did not send reminders about the payment or the opportunity to pay again. Once you pay, you can’t get your money back, even if you change your mind.

Features of SugarSync

SugarSync enables a better seamless file sharing, syncing, and backup through computers, smartphones, and tablets. This app offers features that are similar to other cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. However it is, it also provides some unique capabilities.

Let’s see some of the key features  that come with SugarSync:

  • SugarSync offers the capability to synchronize files and folders across multiple devices, ensuring that any modifications made to a file on one device will be updated on all other connected devices.
  • Sugar-Sync provides an automatic backup feature that secures your files by saving them in the cloud. This ensures the safety of your data even in situations such as hardware malfunctions or unintentional deletions.
  • Sharing files and folders is an easy way to collaborate on projects as you can either create shareable links or invite users to particular folders.
  • SugarSync provides mobile applications for both iOS and Android gadgets, enabling users to conveniently retrieve their files while on the move.
  • Selective Sync: Sugar-Sync provides the ability to select specific folders for synchronization between devices, unlike certain other cloud storage platforms. This feature is beneficial for conserving storage capacity on devices with restricted space availability.
  • Sugar-Sync keeps track of all the changes made to your files, so you can easily go back to previous versions whenever necessary.
  • SugarSync uses encryption to ensure the security of your files during transmission and storage.

SugarSync download

Benefits use using SugarSync

Whenever you have done some important modifications to a file on one device, those changes automatically reflect on all your other devices as well. As a result, you will never be left with an outdated version of your files. Furthermore, your files are securely stored in the cloud without requiring any manual effort. This feature becomes particularly beneficial in cases where something unfortunate occurs to your device, such as damage or loss. Moreover, sharing files and folders with others becomes effortless, as you can provide them with special links or invite them to collaborate on files.

  • You have the ability to choose which folders to synchronize on every device. This aids in conserving storage space on devices that have limited capacity. If you have done some mistakes with a file, it is possible to easily revert back to a previous version, which is particularly useful in case you unintentionally delete something important.
  • Here it allows users to easily access their files on their phone or tablet. This proves that they are accessible regardless of their location. This is compatible with multiple devices such as computers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and more. This making ideal for users with multiple devices. Not only that, SugarSync uses security measures to protect your files from unauthorized individuals attempting to view them.
  • The tool is absolutely designed to be user-friendly. This means users do not need to use advanced computer knowledge to use it. If they’re working with others, they can use SugarSync to easily share files and increases teamwork. You can seamlessly integrate SugarSync with the existing tools they use for work or leisure, and if they encounter any issues, the SugarSync team is always ready to provide assistance.

Download SugarSync

Are you ready to download the SugarSync application? Then you are in the right place. Now you have to follow simple instructions to continue this process. Let’s see. 

  1. Follow the HappyMod iOS link here. It will take you to the official website. From there you can see the app download button. Now you can simply tap on it to begin the app download. This will take several seconds. 
  2. After that, you have to enable your device’s unknown sources option. For that, open device settings > security settings > then enable your device unknown sources option. 
  3. Now you can start the app installation. Follow on-screen instructions as well. 
  4. After that, you can easily Log In to the App. Open the SugarSync app and log in using the account credentials.
  5. Set Up Sync and Backup.

Download Now 


With this, you can easily share your files with others, and it keeps track of who looks at them. It’s like a secret keeper for your files. It also lets you see your files on your phone or the internet, even if you’re far away. It’s really good at protecting your important things from bad stuff like viruses. It can also help businesses keep their special files safe.

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