Among several mobile apps, Widgetable is a fascinating application. It can be used to express your feelings with friends and family with others. Not only that it comes with more interesting app features. If you are planning to download this wonderful application, now you can follow the link here. From our official website, you will be able to easily and quickly download the official  Widgetable application. 

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About Widgetable App 


The widgetable app includes trending widgets for each of your smartphone device screens. Here you can get them including pet widgets, social widgets for family, couples, and friends,  plant widgets, and mood bubbles. Widgetable makes your smart device screen adorable! So you can enjoy your screen very much. 

Widgetable download is a free app that helps friends and couples get closer. It has special tools called widgets that you and your friends or partner can use to stay connected and show your feelings. It’s like a fun way to share things and stay in touch!

Widgetable is like a very easy game. It lets you create a tiny picture that tells you if your friends and family are doing well at this moment. You can change and control these little pictures easily, like moving game pieces. This is awesome if you want to stay very close to the people you really like and show them that they’re very important to you. It’s like a way to play and stay happy together!

January 08, 2024
266.6 MB
Happeny Technology Pte. Ltd.
Requires Android 13 and iOS 16.0 or later.


Various Widgets in Widgetable App

Widgetable APK brings fun widgets to your phone’s main screen. These widgets help your screen become a place full of feelings and connections. Here are some super cool new options to try out:

  • Pet Widget & Co-parenting

Think about having cute pretend pets on your main screen. They’re like virtual animals that want to be your friends. With Widgetable’s Pet Widget, these pretend pets become even more awesome. They stick with you all day, making you happy with their funny and sweet actions.

It’s not only about getting their attention – looking after them is really important to keep them clean and happy. Spending time with them a lot helps you feel responsible and connected, making it a fun thing to do.

And guess what? Widgetable lets you share the pretend pets with your friends or partner. This cool thing lets you work together like a team to take care of them. You can help each other and become closer while having fun with these cute digital pets.

  • Mood Bubbles

Sometimes, it’s hard to show how you feel, especially online where words and emojis don’t always say enough. But with Mood Bubbles in Widgetable, you can turn your emotions into fun pictures that really show how you’re feeling.

You can mix different colors of potions to create bubbles that show your mood. These bubbles show how happy, sad, or excited you are on that day. It’s like making your own magic bubble that tells people how you’re doing. This new and exciting idea makes talking and sharing feelings really enjoyable and creative!

  • Plant Widget

Being in nature makes people feel calm, and Widgetable knows that. They made something called the Plant Widget. This lets you grow and take care of pretend plants right on your main screen.

The app has lots of different types of plants, like colorful flowers, green plants, and yummy fruits. When you take care of your virtual garden and watch your plants get bigger and older, you feel proud and like you’re friends with nature.

  • Fostering Connections

Widgetable doesn’t just make your home screen look nice with pretty pictures. It wants to help people become better friends. Let’s check out the social widgets that help bring people closer and make their relationships stronger.

  • Distance Widget

When we can’t be with the people we love because we’re far away, the Distance Widget acts like a symbol of us being together.

This widget shows you how close you are to your friends or partners right now. It makes the distance feel more real, even if you’re far apart. The widget turns the idea of being far away into something you can see, helping you stay connected in a special way.

  • Status & Moods

 Life is like a picture made of feelings, and the Status & Moods widget puts these feelings into your phone. This widget shows you what your loved ones are feeling right now. It lets you be happy with them and help them when they’re not feeling great.

  • Notes Widget

You can use this widget to leave sweet digital notes for your friends or partners. These notes show up on their screens and make their day better. It’s a nice way to communicate and make your bond stronger.

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These nice little notes show up on their screens at home, making their day better and reminding them of your special connection. This makes talking with each other more special and helps you feel even closer.

  • Miss You Widget

The Miss You Widget helps you show how much you miss your friends or partner. It counts how many times you miss them and when you tap the “Miss You” button, it’s like sending love. It reminds them that you’re thinking about them a lot.

Widgetable Download

Download Widgetable App

Are you ready to download the Widgetable apk file? Then you are in the right place. Now you can easily follow the app download link here to directly download Widgetable application. Here you have to follow some simple instructions. 

  1. Step01. Follow the app download link here. 
  2. Step02. It takes you to the official HappyMod iOS website. Then you can download the Widgetable apk file. 
  3. Step03. Now you have to enable your device’s unknown sources option. 
  4. Step04. Now open the device download folder. Tap on the previously downloaded Widgetable apk file. 
  5. Step05. Then you can easily install the application. For the overall process, it will take several seconds. 

Download Now 

FAQS on Widgetable App

Q01. What is Widgetable app and what can you do with it?

Widgetable app adds widgets, to your phone screen. These widgets can be used to express feelings, stay close to friends, and take care of virtual gardens.  Those can be used to make your phone more interesting as well as it help you connect with people even if they’re far away.

02. How do I use the widgets in Widgetable?

After you install the app, pick the widgets then you can easily add them to your phone screen. 

03. Can I easily customize the widgets according to my style?

Yes, it is possible. You can easily select widgets, change colors, backgrounds, and even the words on them. 


As technology gets better, it’s nice to see new things that help us feel close to each other and talk in special ways. Widgetable MOD APK download is a great example. It makes virtual friends, lets you be creative, and helps you stay in touch with people right away.

With its fun widgets, Widgetable makes your phone screen full of feelings. You can show love, share how you feel, take care of virtual plants, and stay close to loved ones, even if they’re far away.

In the world of phone apps, Widgetable is like a shining star. It shows how being creative with technology can make our lives better. So, why not try Widgetable and have fun making your phone screen and heart feel happy and connected?

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